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Broyeur hors sol SP 50



Branch shredders are used to return organic matter to the ground thanks to the degradation of the branches left on the ground after pruning. A branch shredder allows facilitating this degradation by fragmenting and shredding the branches and sticks into smaller elements. Some branch shredders are equipped with collection devices (bags, receivers) that allow recovering the raw material in a compact form for later use.

  • Type Off-ground shredder SP 50
  • Range Optima straddle tractor
  • Model SP 50 600
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  • Working height


  • Flow rate

    105 l/min

  • Weight

    330 kg


The travel speed will be adjusted according to the volume of wood to be shredded and to the vine variety. It generally lies between 2 and 4 km/h.* The working hight must be adapted to the relief. It is adjustable thanks to skids (or wheels) for on-ground shredders. For off-ground shredders, this adjustment will depend on the collecting device (pick-up with or without teeth). It must be made sure that the collecting device does not enter in contact with the ground. In all cases, the contact of rotating elements (rotor or pick-up) with the ground must be avoided to limit the premature wear of the different machine parts (bearings, hammers, collecting device teeth).


  • The branches are collected by a pick-up with removable teeth and conveyed in a shredding chamber equipped with a rotor with notched hammers and counter-hammers.
  • Once shredded, the branches are ejected trough a refining grid.
Broyeur hors sol SP 50
Broyeur hors sol SP 50


  • The teeth of the pick-up have a specific shape that improves the grip of the branches and ensure a regular feeding of the shredding chamber
  • Interchangeable pick-up teeth
  • Possibility to operate the pick-up in the opposite direction (jam removal)
  • A high rotor and counter-hammer speed (2,300 RPM) ensures an exceptionally high performance and an optimum shredding fineness, even in extreme operating conditions (humidity, high branch density)
  • Original rear attachment and possibility of top attachment
  • Centralized greasing
  • Hydraulic safety and rotor speed regulation block (freewheeling function)


  • Collecting teeth
  • Ejection hood with adjustable tube
  • Hydraulic outlet orientation
  • Side access cover
Broyeur hors sol SP 50