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  • Type Tying machine PA 5000
  • Range Optima vineyard tractor
  • Model PA 5000 S
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  • Working height

    Standard frame

  • Flow rate

    17 l/min

  • Weight

    180 kg

PA 5000


  • High-clearance frame equipped with a vine branches lifting system and a clip tying device. The branches are lifted by two wide belts driven in rotation and equipped with independent safety devices. A wire is unwound at the rear of these belts, on either side of the row, to hold the branches in vertical position. These two wires are then clipped
  • Hydraulic block controlling the setting and the functions of the machine (clip tying device, rotational speed of the belts, etc.)
  • Wire feeder receiving 4 spools
  • Clip tying device with claws


  • The rough belts allow optimum lifting of the branches, without constraint or aggressiveness. They also feature comprehensive setting possibilities (tracking, angle and spreading)
  • The clip tying device requires little maintenance and setting. The clips are formed by two claws and not by an anvil: this technology avoids shocks and prevents contamination
  • High autonomy (5,000 clips)
  • Weight: 180 kg
  • Independent mono block safety retraction on each of the belts
pa 5000
PA 5000

Pair of tips (option)

  • With low vines, this option prevents the belts from being damaged by rubbing on the ground.

Digital calculator

  • The digital calculator centralizes all tying machine functions and synchronizes the clip tying.
PA 5000
PA 5000

Safety retraction

  • The belts are equipped with a downwards and upwards safety retraction.

Pendular frame

  • The frame of the PA 5000 tying machine comprises a pendular system with a shock absorber, which can be blocked for road transport.
PA 5000
Pa 5000

Standard delivery

  • Pendular frame with hydraulic block controlling all functions
  • Guides holding the vegetation
  • Digital calculator
  • Wire tray
  • Vise-grip
  • Storing rest