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MP 122



  • LONG FRAME with 14 to 24 disks
    Cutting intervals 60 or 90 mm
  • Working height selection
    from 485 to 995 mm
  • Side cuts option

The side cuts are supplied with safety retraction and manual setting of the cutting angles and width. They are serially connected with the pre-pruning head and require no additional flow rate.

  • Automatic opening option

The optical detection operates for any type of post (wood, steel, concrete), but there must be no leaves. The posts shall not show any holes in the reading axis and have a cross-section larger than or equal to 25 mm.

  • Type Pre-pruner MP 122
  • Range Omega line
  • Model MP 122 20L 90
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  • Working height

    815 mm

  • Flow rate

    40 l/min

  • Weight

    240 kg


  • Frame with two disc modules equipped with blades performing a shear cut
  • Discs driven by 2 hydraulic motors
  • All pre-pruner functions are centralized in a hydraulic block
  • Modules opening and closing controlled by the multifunction joystick
  • Rotational speed of the disks of the order of 280 RPM.
  • Can be supplied with a long frame with a stack of 14 to 24 disks and an axis distance of 60 or 90 mm
  • Working speed up to 10 km/h
  • Flow rate 40 l/min
MP 122
MP 122


  • The shape of the disc ensures a good grip on the branches and a regular feeding of the machine, without damaging the tying wires
  • Respect of the tying wires thanks to the cutting sections mounted on a carrier disk whose thickness prevents the wire from penetrating between the teeth of the cutting sections
  • Controls centralized in a hydraulic block
  • Low-maintenance
  • Reduced projections thanks to a low rotational speed
  • Lightweight
  • Requires little flow rate.
  • Bottom part of the discs totally flat, preventing any stripping of the spurs
  • 60 mm spacing between the disks facilitating the cleaning of the upper tying wire

The sharp disk for a cutting quality comparable to that of pruning shears (patented).

A circular disk with a sharp edge on one of the cutting modules, facing a toothed disk on the other module, ensures a clean sharp cut, without cracking of the wood. The cutting effect of the disk avoids pinching the wood, which is a common phenomenon in shear cutting. A specific configuration of this equipment ensures the respect of the environment (posts and tying wires).

MP 122