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Pre-pruner MP122


PrÃtailleuse MP122
  • Type Pre-pruner MP 122
  • Range Ocea
  • Model MP 122 18 L 90
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  • Working height

    720 mm

  • Flow rate

    35 l/min

  • Weight

    400 kg



The MP 122 OCEA pre-pruner is mounted on a SMD 50 two-beam carrying frame with hydraulic height (700 mm) and translation (300 mm). The side tilt is manually adjustable (hydraulically in option). The two disk modules of the pre-pruner are equipped with blades performing a shear cut. The disks are driven by 2 hydraulic motors, the modules are opened and closed by a control switch.

  • The rotational speed of the disks is of the order of 280 RPM. (flow rate 30 l/min)
  • The disks stack varies from 14 to 24 disks with cutting intervals of 60 or 90 mm, for working heights ranging from 485 to 1175 mm.
  • Working speed up to 10 km/h


The shape of the disc ensures a good grip on the branches and a regular feeding of the machine, without damaging the tying wires

  • Low-maintenance, lightweight and reduced flow rate
  • Reduced projections thanks to a low rotational speed
  • The bottom part of the discs is totally flat, preventing any stripping of the spurs

Arrangement to prevent stripping the spurs.

The lower bearing of every cutting module has been positioned between two disks. This arrangement prevents any stripping of the spurs on the cordons, as the bottom of the disks is fully flat.

The sharp disk* for a cutting quality comparable to that of pruning shears.

A circular disk with a sharp edge on one of the cutting modules, facing a toothed disk on the other module, ensures a clean sharp cut, without cracking of the wood. The cutting effect of the disk avoids pinching the wood, which is a common phenomenon in shear cutting. A specific configuration of this equipment ensures the respect of the environment (posts and tying wires).



The side cuts allow cutting the sides of cordon vines. They are supplied with a manual angles and cutting width adjustment. They are serially connected with the pre-pruning head and require no additional flow rate. They are equipped with vertical safety retraction in case of shocks. *The MP 122 pre-pruner and the sharp disk are protected by patents

Front attachment with SMD 50

  • Long-frame pre-pruning head equipped with 14 to 28 disks with cutting intervals of 60 or 90 mm (working heights from 485 to 1175 mm).
  • SMD 50 carrying frame with hydraulic 700 mm height and 300 mm translation, manual side tilt (hydraulic in option)
  • Hydraulic cylinders with safety valves
  • Electro-hydraulic valves block (capacity 60 liters/min) with ergonomic joystick.
  • Storing rest