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pruner MPH 44


Tailleuse MPH 44
  • Type Pruner MPH 44
  • Range Ocea
  • Model MPH 44
  • Share
  • Working height


  • Flow rate

    44 l/min

  • Weight

    230 kg

MPH 44


  • The MPH 44 OCEA pruner is mounted on a SMD 50 two-beam carrying frame with hydraulic height (700 mm), translation (500mm) and side tilt. The 4 cutting modules are equipped with saws (450 mm) driven by hydraulic motors. The saws perform a side cut (front modules) and a horizontal cut (rear modules). The modules are equipped with retraction devices to allow following the row and retracting at the posts; only the working height must be controlled by the operator.
  • The rotational speed of the saws is of the order of 2,000 RPM (flow rate 44 l/min).
  • The opening/closing of the modules is controlled from the driver's cab to facilitate entering and exiting the vine rows.
  • Working speed up to 2.5 km/h


  • The speed and the diameter of the saws ensure a clean sharp cut of the branches
  • The retraction discs have a diameter larger than that of the saws to avoid damaging the posts
  • Low-maintenance, lightweight
  • The side saws of the front module are covered with an abrasion-resistant plastic disk to protect the cordons

Retraction device

The rear cutting modules are retractable to allow the saws to turn safely and automatically round the posts.

Combs on the side cutting modules

The combs on the front cutting modules and the retraction system ensure the automatic following of the row. A disk out of synthetic material maintains the distance between the saw and the cordon.



The side cuts allow cutting the sides of cordon vines. They are supplied with a manual angles and cutting width adjustment. They are serially connected with the pre-pruning head and require no additional flow rate. They are equipped with vertical safety retraction in case of shocks. *The MP 122 pre-pruner and the sharp disk are protected by patents

Pruner MPH 44

  • Frame: tubular structure 100 x 50 mm
  • The rear horizontal cutting modules are adjustable in height and retractable when passing posts
  • Front side cutting modules with row follower and vertical safety.
  • Hydraulic opening of the front and rear cutting modules for entering and exiting the rows
  • SMD 50 carrying frame with hydraulic height (700 mm), translation (500 mm) and side tilt (+/- 20) adjustment
  • Electro-hydraulic valves block (capacity 60 liters/min) with ergonomic joystick
  • Storing rest